Barry Barmcake - Ukulele Leg End and Marmite Lover!

The 'One Man Jedward' from Wigan, Lancashire!


Yes... believe it or not I inflict myself on the good people of the www via the internet!

Best thing about it is... you don't need to worry about all this 'tuning in' palava... it's an internet radio station and can be accessed at this here link...



So what's on the show? Why should I listen? Will it annoy me? Can I claim time back if I hate it?

HANG ON.... Here's the lowdown daddiohs!

It features all kinds of cack, daftness and nonsense including old comedy clips and ads from yesteryear.

I play ALL KINDS of music... believe me, you won't hear another show like this one... I feature ANYTHING from George Formby to Cradle Of Filth... and yes - it really DOES go from one extreme to t'other! If it's got a decent tune to it - I'll play it... you may even like the stuff I play!

I feature bands from the NW of England and am happy to promote - I'm SICK of hearing the same old crap on the radio (oof! controversial) and am HAPPY to feature local talent... there are a lot of belting groups out there and I'm happy to give airplay.

NOTE: If any bands want any tunes putting on - contact me: 


I'm also honoured to be able to broadcast some true Comedy Gold  - THE BRADSHAWS... if you've never heard of 'em - where the HELL have you been? The creation of comedy genius Mr. Buzz Hawkins, it's the exploits of Alf, his wife Audrey and son little Billy Bradshaw all written and performed by Buzz - Buzz very kindly lets me share this each week and I'm over the moon - years back, I was eagerly listening to 'em on the radio... and now I can spread the good word on my own show! Belting!


At the moment, I'm doing this as a 'pilot scheme' so it'll just be 30 mins. hither and thither... but the best thing about that link... after I've finished a show, it's then available to access online :)

Hope you enjoy!