Barry's Piccies! Barry's Piccies! "The Face of Marmite" I borrowed my Uncle Frank's cap for this one - this is to make me look a bit more 'homely' in order to promote the beltingness of Marmite. I got in touch with the company - they said I was "far too Northern" to promote Marmite(!) If I'd dressed as a Pearly King they'd still not have been happy! 163017304 George Formby Mr. Formby holding a copy of my CD... 163241569 664 - The Neighbour of The Beast My version of the Iron Maiden classic. 163241564 The Number of The Beast So I learned this Iron Maiden tune and wanted a spooky pic to go with it... 163241566 Pinball Wizard Some of you folk of a certain age may recognise the 'Pinball Counting Song' image here, from Sesame Street. 163241570 Th'Ace o' Spades My 'trademark' song - Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" played on a Uke Banjo. 163241571 Times Like These One of my favourite songs by Foo Fighters. 163241572 All Yer Need Is Love Psychedelia, marmite and ukuleles, man! 166356677 Anarchy With A Uke, Eh? A clever little play on words - well, I reckon so anyhow! :D 166356678 Anarchy In The U.K. I am neither an antichrist, nor an anarchist. Still, I can always pretend! 166356679 I Told My Baby (With The Ukulele) Bloody hell - how BIG are them ukes? 166356681 Drag Queen Blues Big shoes, small uke. 166356682 Duellin' Barmjoes 'Barm joe' is another term for 'Barmcake'... which is of course a bread roll. Came in handy for a 'play on words' with this spoof! :) 166356683 Mother What'll I Do Now? Timothy Lumsden and his dear Mother from the classic comedy 'Sorry' featuring in this pic. for my George Formby cover song. 166356684 She Sell Sanctuary and Pies & Pasties Like 'She Sells Sanctuary' but with extra pastry! 166356685 The Spirit of Radio Sod D.A.B. - look at this belting radio! It's haunted by the way. 166356686 Bohemian Rhapsody Yes it IS the real life and not just fantasy. That's that sorted! 178514478 Another Chippy Tea Bawl My version of a Pink Floyd classic involving a verbal altercation about denying someone a chippy tea. 178514479 When Ah'm Cleanin' Mintballs George Formby meets a mentholated Wigan sweet in this weird musical hybrid! 178514480 Gradely Gradely Pies Imagine if KISS came from Wigan... 178514481 Are Hens Electric? Gary Numan meets Barry New Mon! 178514482 Mintball Wizard The Who meet Uncle Joe... 178514483 Oh Oh Uncle Joe "Oh, those Mintballs!" 178514484 Chippy Rehab Trying to get a Wigan chap to give up chips? No chance! 184735961 Deeply Daft Like 'Deeply Dippy' but dafter! 184735962 Misery Loo Brings tears to the eyes(!) 184735963 South Of Heaven That there SLAYER tune... I thought I'd make it a wee bit less evil though! 184735964 Devil Woman Before of scary cats and dodgy women! 201580320 Goats Well, the group "Ghost" are a favourite of mine... so I had to do this! 201580321 Pick It Up PICK IT UP by KISS... but given a 'dog poo' slant 201580322 Smash It Up One of my favourite tracks by THE DAMNED 201580323 Spook 1 201580324 Spook 2 201580325 Spook 3 201580326 Ukulele Of Filth Not really doing 'evil' well am I - adding a green tint is all! 201580327 The Wicker Barmcake "And even if you kill me now, it is I who live live again... not your damned Marmite!" 201580328 Year Zero My favourite track by GHOST 201580329 Pick It Up Not often you see a crouching dog doing an impression of Gene Simmons! 201580396 Sympathy For The Breville Ee, ye don't see them there Breville Toasters now... 201580414 Can I Play With Madness Me with the Nutty Boys... took bloody ages to do the logo in Iron Maiden Style too! 201580415 Rock Is Dead... 201580416